Our Philosophy

Good health is the single most important aspect of someone’s life!

Dr. Tashko
  1. When medical knowledge from multiple disciplines comes together, it improves the quality of care provided to patients.
  2. The fields of health, physiology, and the environment are interconnected, influencing each other.
  3. To ensure comprehensive care, patient evaluation must take a holistic approach, considering lifestyle, personal goals, metabolism, and hormonal needs.
  4. Understanding the “big picture” of a patient’s health enables specialized and positive outcomes.
  5. Accurate diagnosis is pivotal in guiding appropriate medical and lifestyle treatments.
  6. Delivering personalized care necessitates the physician’s complete attention and focus.
  7. Allowing patients ample time with their doctor is essential, as it enables them to voice their concerns and actively participate in clinical decisions.
  8. The patient-physician relationship is precious, built upon genuine care, honesty, and trust.
  9. Empowering patients through extensive education and knowledge is vital for self-improvement and better health outcomes.
  10. Reversing illness and achieving lifelong wellness are attainable goals with proper care and dedication.
Dr. Tashko's philosophy centers on holistic care, merging medical expertise with individualized attention. He values comprehensive patient assessment, encourages open dialogue, and builds trust. Empowering patients with knowledge and tailored treatments, he envisions health as a collaborative journey towards lasting well-being.