SELECT: Obesity & Heart Health

Dr. Tashko prioritizes patient awareness of pivotal clinical trials. The SELECT trial evaluates the efficacy of Ozempic, Wegovy, or semaglutide in individuals with obesity and cardiovascular disease, aiding informed treatment decisions.

November 2023 NEJM / March 2024 FDA Approved

Semaglutide, marketed as Ozempic or Wegovy and administered at a weekly dosage of 2.4 mg, has demonstrated a noteworthy reduction in cardiovascular events by 20% among non-diabetic individuals with obesity. Most participants had a diagnosis of prediabetes and a history of either myocardial infarction (MI) or stroke at the beginning of the study.

The SELECT trial lasted approximately 3 years. Baseline characteristics were:

  • Number of patients per arm: 9,000
  • Age: 61 years
  • Male: 72%
  • Caucasian: 84%
  • BMI: 33
  • History of MI: 68%
  • History of stroke: 18%
  • Prediabetes diagnosis: 66%
  • Triglycerides (TGs): 134 mg/dL
  • Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDLc): 78 mg/dL
  • Blood pressure (BP): 131/79 mmHg

Study findings underscore the potential of semaglutide as a therapeutic option for reducing cardiovascular risk by an average of 20% among individuals with obesity, with or without prediabetes, and with established MI or stroke within this patient demographic.

Dr. Tashko

Weight Loss Specialist or Obesity Expert