Is It Time for You to See the Top Diabetes Specialist in Bethesda, Maryland?

Diabetes Specialist in Bethesda

Diabetes is a serious health condition that can be managed with the right medical guidance.

If you suspect your blood glucose levels are not what they should be, it may be time to see the top diabetes specialist in Bethesda, Maryland. Read this before you make the call!

Here Is an Overview of Diabetes Causes and Symptoms

This condition is primarily caused by a combination of genetic predisposition and lifestyle factors, such as poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity, and metabolic disorders that affect how your body produces and uses insulin.

The top diabetes specialist in Bethesda, Maryland can pinpoint the cause and recommend the best course of action for your needs. 

There are multiple types of diabetes with the most common being types I and II. It is possible to experience one or more symptoms including excessive thirst, frequent urination, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision, slow wound healing, and increased hunger. 

Why Do I Need the Top Diabetes Specialist in Bethesda, Maryland?

A doctor who specializes in diabetes has access to in-depth educational resources and research studies.

They can suggest alternative treatments when conventional methods do not work. You may also be able to take advantage of services offered by an entire team that includes a registered nurse, nutritionist, and exercise physiologist for personalized care.

Diabetes specialists continuously monitor your condition to help you be as healthy as possible. They can also help you prevent complications related to your condition, such as heart disease, vision problems, and neuropathy.

Why Choose Dr. Tashko for Diabetes Care?

Dr. Tashko stands out as an endocrinologist with deep expertise in personalized diabetes care and a track record of proven success in glycemic control. When you choose Dr. Tashko, you are opting for comprehensive care that goes beyond traditional diabetes management.

Here’s why:

  1. Extensive Expertise: With profound experience, Dr. Tashko specializes in tailoring diabetes management to individual needs, focusing on effectively controlling blood sugar levels.
  2. Holistic Health Assessment: Dr. Tashko conducts a thorough evaluation of your overall health, addressing not only diabetes but also co-occurring conditions such as hypertension, lipid disorders, obesity, heart disease risk, kidney function, fatty liver disease, low testosterone in men, PCOS in women, and more.
  3. Metabolic Monitoring: Precise measurements of key metabolic parameters sets Dr. Tashko apart. This includes keeping a close eye on insulin levels, insulin resistance, kidney function, liver inflammation, triglycerides, cholesterol, and uric acid, among others.
  4. Hormonal Balance: Dr. Tashko’s expertise extends to assessing hormonal changes that may be associated with diabetes management, covering thyroid (TSH, free T4, free T3), adrenal (cortisol, ACTH), pituitary (prolactin, LH, FSH) hormones, and gonads (estradiol, total testosterone, free testosterone, sex hormone-binding globulin).
  5. Nutritional Guidance: Recognizing the significance of nutrition in diabetes management, Dr. Tashko assesses and monitors your dietary habits, offering guidance and high quality supplements as needed to support your overall well-being.
  6. Inflammation Management: Throughout your diabetes management journey, Dr. Tashko emphasizes addressing inflammatory markers of the metabolic, vascular, gastrointestinal, rheumatological systems and beyond. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded strategy for your health and well-being.

By choosing Dr. Tashko, you’re opting for a comprehensive and individualized diabetes management experience that prioritizes your overall health and well-being, not just glucose control.

Take Charge of Your Blood Sugar and Overall Well Being When You Call GT Health!

Our team, led by Dr. Gerti Tashko believes in a comprehensive approach to preventing and managing diabetes, offering patient education, nutrition advice, medication management and much more.

We provide a clear path for you to follow on your journey to optimal health, so call us today at 301-658-3586 to book your appointment!