Dr. Tashko's exceptional compassion and unwavering dedication to his patients have garnered him a multitude of 5-star reviews. Patients consistently praise his personalized care, expertise, and the positive impact he has on their well-being.
Dr. Tashko's exceptional compassion and unwavering dedication to his patients have garnered him a multitude of 5-star reviews. Patients consistently praise his personalized care, expertise, and the positive impact he has on their well-being.
Dr. Tashko's exceptional compassion and unwavering dedication to his patients have garnered him a multitude of 5-star reviews. Patients consistently praise his personalized care, expertise, and the positive impact he has on their well-being.

What our patients say about Dr. Tashko

Dr. Tashko is simply the best in the business. Genuine, supportive and caring. I have lost 40+ pounds and have rid my body of metabolic syndrome. No longer on blood pressure medication, no longer have sleep apnea and no longer overweight! Dr. Tashko and his team takes care of my whole family. Won’t trust anyone else!

Leo Perez DDS, MD, FACS

I highly recommend Dr. Tashko. He attentively listens, partners with his patients to find individualized solutions, and never makes you feel rushed. He is extremely knowledgeable, while also staying current with changing medical research and recommendations. In addition, he takes holistic view to health, ensuring the best possible care. He also forms a personal relationship with his patients and is truly invested. When you see Dr. Tashko, you can count on being in the best possible hands.

Heather Paoli

I initially visited Dr. Tashko after being less than satisfied with my former endocrinologist. I researched area endocrinologists and Dr. Tashko was highly rated with lots of positive testimonials. I quickly realized the added advantage that Dr. Tashko specializes in lipidology—upon discussions of a family history of heart disease, Dr. Tashko addressed my high cholesterol and other concerning markers. After changes to my diet, increased cardiovascular exercise and intensity as well as the addition of cholesterol-lowering medications, my risk factors have been significantly reduced. I am very grateful to Dr. Tashko for his professional, caring, and thorough demeanor, his wealth of knowledge and his proactive approach to ensure optimal outcomes. He always took the time to address every one of my questions. D concerns. He is in a class by himself.

Lawren Selby

Incredible Endocrinologist in the DC Metro Area!!! Absolutely correct diagnosis and treatment was provided to me. Dr. Tashko is extremely intelligent, empathetic, kind, confident, and up to date in his field. Excellent service by Dr. Gerti Tashko, highly recommend! Best service throughout many years now.

Aastha Bhatia

Dr. Tashko is by far one of the best doctors I have ever been fortunate enough to find. He is an expert in so many areas of medicine, and therefore able to diagnose and treat effectively and efficiently. He is an excellent listener and takes into account the patient’s goals wants and concerns. He has given me options based on his knowledge of my health. He is very honest and always tells things to me straight. He’s excellent at explaining the ramifications of treatments and working with me to figure out what is the best course of action for me. I highly recommend Dr. Tashko. He is an extraordinary doctor and person.

Marianne Sacks

What an amazing operation from top to bottom. Dr. Tashko makes you feel like you are the only patient. Appointments are not rushed and he helps guide you through your treatments. He has helped me so much. I recommend Dr. Tashko. You can’t go wrong.

Ken Jones

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Tashko and his NP Jennifer Nimarko. They have gone above and beyond to help me manage my diabetes. They respond promptly to any inquiries and allow you to be part of the discussion process when it comes to treatment options. I have recommended Dr. Tashko to many of my family and friends. I would highly recommend this practice if you are looking for a kind, competent, knowledgeable, and understanding group of people.

Franny R.

Dr. Tashko at GT Health is really knowledgeable. He is by far the best Doctor I have ever seen. Staff members and the nurse are very responsive. They have provided the best personalized medications and technology to me. Communication with them is very easy and they are on top of all authorization and insurance requests. I highly recommend them.

Mahdi Imani

Dr. Tashko is an exceptional endocrinologist. His comprehensive diagnostic approach engendered my confidence in the results and his diagnosis. He is extremely knowledgeable and patiently explains treatment options with compassion. He welcomes questions, is easy to talk with, and took my concerns into consideration to create a treatment plan that fits my specific needs. This is crucial during the pandemic for those of us with underlying conditions in need medical care! I feel heard, respected, and that he is actively engaged in my healthcare management. He deeply cares about the health and wellbeing of his patients.

At the start of the pandemic his practice staff swiftly transitioned to telemedicine. Their electronic portal system is easy and telemedicine platform is seamless. From his practice manager, front desk staff, to his nurse practitioner everyone at the practice is an engaged, friendly professional. They are consistently responsive and a proficient team.

Danielle Herrmann

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Tashko’s for several years now. In an age of assembly line care, he is a rare exception. Outstanding in all regards. Extremely knowledgeable (and can explain things in a way that’s easy to understand), thoughtful, patient, compassionate. I highly, highly recommend him. It’s very unusual to find a doctor like him today, especially in a big metropolitan area.

Paul T.

Such a fantastic doctor! I couldn’t get anyone to help me for nearly a year and I was so sick. He helped immediately and had a diagnosis within a couple weeks. He listens well, is up to date on current research, and always has recommendations when needed. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Tashko, I finally have my life back.

Rebecca Provost

I’ve been seeing Dr. Tashko since June 2016, 8 years after I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I had visited more than 5 endocrinologists before I met Dr. Tashko. My condition was getting worse. Other endocrinologists were unable to help and all of their effort was to constantly change my medications without any explanation and no results. I always felt rushed during my doctor visits with them especially after having had to wait in the waiting room for long periods, which was very inconvenient and useless.

Dr. Tashko is one of the very few doctors I know who is extremely passionate about his profession. He takes time to make sure all my questions are answered. He works with me to address my health concerns and makes sure I understand my course of treatment and action. He makes sure we are on the same page and understanding.

He takes his time to explain the prescriptions and their side-effects, how they work, and the science behind them. He discusses several options, the outcome of each, and which best works with my lifestyle for the best result. I have NEVER seen a doctor who cared so much.

He always prints out handouts for me to take home and he directs me to related articles and resources to educate me on my health condition.

Hands down, Dr. Tashko is one of the best doctors and I’m so blessed to have met him and have him as my endocrinologist. After having two babies back to back in 2018 and 2019 I had gained a lot of weight and my A1C went up to 7.0. Thanks to Dr. Tashko I lost 36 lbs and dropped my A1C down to 5.0. This is the best I’ve ever felt about my health and physical appearance. I would also like to add that his staff is very friendly, respectful, and responsive. I always get a respond within an hour (on business hours) no matter if my inquiry is administrative or medical related. I highly recommend him!

Azi Pajouhes

Dr Tashko is wonderful and very talented. He accurately predicted my difficulty about 10 years before appropriate technology was available to diagnose it and is basically the only doctor who took my seriously at that time. He also took the time to explain all of that to me and has been open to creative ways to help me.

CJ Specht

I personally discovered Dr. Gerti Tasko after I had a biopsy done for the possibility of thyroid cancer. Once I received a phone from the radiologist, I was told to promptly go see a specialist, but still not knowing my full diagnosis. I was given numerous names of great doctors, one of which of course was Dr. Tashko. I immediately did my research and was very pleased to find exceptional reviews about him. I not only had confidence in the number of appraisals I read but also a strong gut feeling and impression that Dr. Tashko will be the one who will get me through these challenging and uncertain adversities I now had to face, and my intuition did not fail me. When I first met Dr. Tasko, he was very responsive and conscious to the unprecedented and emotional state I was in. He was the one who detected and confirmed my cancer diagnosis. I immediately knew I could trust him and extensively explain all my worries and concerns which he addressed immediately! Dr. Tashko went beyond any doctor I have met so far. He quickly found me a very skilled surgeon and scheduled for me to see him swiftly. He did not want to lose anytime (as I should also mention he was following up with me very closely even while having an extremely busy schedule). I am happy to say that because of Dr. Tashko’s attentiveness, strong expertise, advanced experience, professionalism and kindness, I am currently noncancerous and continue to be under his watchful eye :). I highly recommend Dr. Gerti Tashko to anyone going through a similar experience.

Olena Kovalchuk

My experience with Dr Tashko over the years has been nothing short of excellent. Dr Tashko takes the time in listening and understanding my concerns and needs. He presents options for improving my health and well being and explaining the pros and cons of each option. Dr Tashko staff is extremely responsive and attentive to any questions/concerns that I have. I feel that the healthcare I receive from Dr Tashko is excellent and I am highly recommending GT Health to others.

James Young

Dr. TASHKO SAVED MY LIFE! I first met Dr. Tashko November 5, 2017. He spent over two hours listening to my history of childhood diabetes diagnosis, 65 years of treatment, and my desire to eliminate insulin dependence. He is the first physician to correctly diagnose that when I was taken off the streets of post WWII Germany— malnourished, and injured, doctors administered insulin as an anabolic hormone not to treat diabetes. NO INSULIN FOR 16 MONTHS, LOST 60#’S and feel great ORAL MEDS ONLY. Have continued to see Dr. Tashko in his new practice…his wife Courtney runs the front office and is efficient, compassionate and caring…they are a dynamite team!

Edward Brill

Dr. Tashko is very easy to talk to… He explains all the details to you so you can clearly understand the situation. His staff does a great job communicating with you through this amazing app.

I would highly recommend Dr. Tashko.

Neil Bacchus

Dr Tashko is the perfect example of how an excellent doctor Should be. Not only he’s one of the best endocrinologists in our area, He’s also very caring and very very attentive. He’s extremely thorough and has the best bedside manners. He answers all your questions, I can discuss all my medical issues with him without the feeling that I’m being judged. He is a true gem.

Bbgol H.

Dr Tashko is a thoughtful and knowledgeable doctor, who takes his time to listen and understand. He’s also extremely responsive outside the office and easy to get a hold of, a very unique feature for a doctor, especially around the DC area. I highly recommend him.

Sambatees Online

It has been such a pleasure seeing doctor Tashko over the past couple of years. He always takes the time I need to answer my questions and concerns thoroughly and with expert knowledge and experience. I came to him after going into remission from lymphoma. I had a few other health issues going on including hypothyroidism and high cholesterol. With his expert advice and guidance he has put me on the right doses of medications to get me right where I need to be. He has also helped me with vitamins B and D deficiencies. I feel better than I have in years thanks to Dr. Tashko. He really takes the time do look at the overall picture of your health. I highly recommend Dr. Tashko for all of your endocrinology needs!

Danielle Brusoe