SYNERGY: Tirzepatide for NASH

Metabolic dysfunction–associated steatohepatitis (MASH), formerly called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), is a severe liver disease. MASH involves fat buildup, liver inflammation, and cell injury, often leading to fibrosis. With rising obesity and type 2 diabetes, MASH cases are growing globally.

Benefits of a Low-Carb Diet for Prediabetes and Diabetes

A low-carb diet can be a powerful tool for managing prediabetes and diabetes. By reducing carbohydrate intake, you can lower blood glucose levels, promote weight loss, and improve insulin sensitivity. Additionally, the body’s ability to switch to fat metabolism and produce glucose through gluconeogenesis ensures stable energy levels without the risk of hypoglycemia.

3 Top Tips to Find the Best Mounjaro Doctor in College Park

One of the top treatments available today is Mounjaro, a brand name for tirzepatide, which has shown to be highly effective.

SELECT: Obesity & Heart Health

Semaglutide, marketed as Ozempic or Wegovy and administered at a weekly dosage of 2.4 mg, has demonstrated a noteworthy reduction in cardiovascular events by 20% among non-diabetic individuals with obesity. Most participants had a diagnosis of prediabetes and a history of either myocardial infarction (MI) or stroke at the beginning of the study.