Frequently Asked Questions about Dr. Tashko's services and practice model: Compassionate, personalized endocrine care is offered. A monthly membership model allows dedicated time for a holistic exploration of patients' endocrine needs.
Frequently Asked Questions about Dr. Tashko's services and practice model: Compassionate, personalized endocrine care is offered. A monthly membership model allows dedicated time for a holistic exploration of patients' endocrine needs.
Frequently Asked Questions about Dr. Tashko's services and practice model: Compassionate, personalized endocrine care is offered. A monthly membership model allows dedicated time for a holistic exploration of patients' endocrine needs.

Membership Medicine & You

How does our practice differ from the typical traditional practice?

Our practice model does not pursue the “brief visits — high volume” approach of a typical medical office — as designed and expected by health insurances.

I limit the size of my practice to just a few hundred patients. This will allow you to enjoy many important benefits not found in a typical medical practice today — which should translate into better health and vitality for you! Your membership supports many services and benefits that your insurance premium does not.

I am confident that our practice will redefine your expectations for true excellent medical care!

What is Membership Medicine?

The membership model helps us invest deeper in our precious patient-physician relationship. I will have plenty of time to evaluate you as a whole person, from your environmental and lifestyle factors — to your hormonal and metabolic needs. When appropriate, I will go beyond the field of endocrinology to guide you in understanding complex medical interactions and decisions. We will have ample time and resources for consultation, education, and follow up support, which is vital to rendering you an excellent medical care. We can ultimately focus on preventing and reversing your disease process.

What does the membership include?

Your membership includes a yearly Endocrine and Metabolic Evaluation + Lifestyle Medicine Assessment — extending beyond a typical insurance-covered or Medicare-covered annual evaluation.

I will gather detailed information on your health and lifestyle factors — and do an in-depth review of your wellness goals. I will provide you with a customized plan of care, with close monitoring and necessary clinical adjustments throughout the year — which may include additional laboratory and imaging testing, nutrition and fitness education, health coaching, and other holistic strategies.  

We can provide a great amount of care by phone, text, email, and virtual visits. We are available to discuss urgent concerns evenings and weekends when needed. We want you to reach us when you need us, without having to jump through many hoops of a typical medical office.

You will enjoy greater convenience and peace of mind. You may also find a reduced need for urgent care visits, hospital admission, medications, or seeing other medical specialists.

See the many other benefits you will receive.

Will I still benefit from membership even if my endocrine issues are under control?

Absolutely. I believe patients would see their doctor more frequently if it were easier to communicate, more private, and less hassle. 

At GT health, we make it easy for patients to communicate with me. I listen carefully to you to understand how your life, work, and family situations may be affecting your health — physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Besides managing illness, you and I focus on adopting healthy lifestyle habits. We want to identify risk factors and prevent disease — ultimately concentrating our efforts on your lifetime health and wellness. Together, we will create a personalized plan to achieve and maintain your optimal health. 

Advanced diagnostic tests can help us identify health risks and concerns long before they cause disease; thus, saving you time and money, and avoiding suffering and higher costs in the future. Unlike the traditional practice environment, we have the time to deliver simultaneously both comprehensive and detailed care. 

Who does this membership plan work best for?

People of all ages may benefit from GT health’s comprehensive, value-based services.

It works especially well for:

  • Those who want a “go-to” main doctor: Dr. Tashko will consolidate your overall care beyond the field of endocrinology, and ultimately may serve as your central physician.
  • Patients desiring easy and direct communication with their doctor.
  • Patients who want their doctor to address the root cause of their illness, and not just the apparent symptoms.
  • Those who want to be involved in improving their health and staying well.
  • Patients who want a traditionally trained physician but with an open mind to other encompassing approaches, such as health coaching, physical training, supplements, etc.
  • Patients who are too busy to spend time waiting in a doctor’s office to be seen.
  • Those who wish to have their sensitive medical information remain private from insurance companies.

What if my doctor is on vacation?

As a member of GT health, you are never alone. Even when out of town, I will still be available by phone and text for your urgent needs. You will be notified by email before any vacations. If I am not available, I will always have another trusted clinician available to assist you for any urgent matters or to be seen in the office or virtually.

How insurance works in the practice

Do you bill insurance plans?

Yes, we accept most health insurance plans.

Please note that we do accept health insurance along with the self-pay membership. However, it is important to note that your health insurance would not cover the cost of the membership. On a positive note, the membership fee enables Dr. Tashko to offer you a high level of personalized care that goes beyond what you would typically receive at a typical medical practice.

Can you see me if I have Medicare?

Absolutely. We are participating providers with Medicare and will bill Medicare on your behalf.

Our practice is well suited to handle the more complex medical issues often associated with seniors. We will spend the necessary time to manage your chronic illnesses and adjust the use of multiple medications. We will work together in optimizing and elevating your health and wellness.

Do I still need health insurance?

Yes. Personalized medical practices do not replace your health insurance coverage. However, by providing you with a comprehensive and detailed plan of care, your health insurance utilization is often reduced.

How to join

How much is the membership fee? 

Please visit our fees page for details.

Membership fees can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Can I give a gift of membership?

Yes! Family members or friends may want to provide a loved one the gift of membership. It is a great way to provide support and peace of mind and ensure personalized attention for their well-being.

Can joining GT health save me money?

Yes, it can. We expect many patients to have fewer out-of-pocket medical costs in the long-term. We will carefully evaluate and manage your lifestyle, health risks, medical conditions, and their complex interplay. We can accomplish this together because we utilize a well-connected care model.

Studies show that membership medicine can lead to:

  • Less dependency on medications 
  • Fewer emergency and hospital visits
  • Savings on labs and imaging
  • Better health outcomes

In addition, your membership fee may be reduced / offset:

  • Based on your annual medical expense threshold, the fee may be partially or fully tax free. 

Is there a limit to how many patients can join GT health?

Yes. One of the most important aspects of personalized medicine is limiting the practice size to devote more time and energy to each patient. Once we have reached our ideal practice size, we will establish a waiting list for future patients. 

How do I become a member?

You may call us at 301-658-3586 or Contact Us.

Please remember that space is limited, and members are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Once all available slots are filled, we will add your name to our waiting list, so I encourage you to let us know as soon as possible if you would wish to join.

I am ready to join.