Our Approach

Health, physiology, and the environment are intertwined.

From the “big picture” to specialized health outcomes.

  • I approach your endocrine care completely – from your lifestyle and personal goals to understanding your hormonal and metabolic needs.
  • I seek to visualize how several body organs interact in explaining your symptoms.
  • Together, we focus on detecting the root cause of your illness and its comorbidities — with the sole purpose of providing useful medical therapy and education.
  • Our ultimate goal is to help you reverse your disease process and promote lifelong wellness.

Our “big picture” philosophy is our roadmap to achieving efficient, personalized care. I listen carefully to your concerns and collect meticulous information about your medical history and lifestyle. I then execute a complete endocrine assessment that identifies the root cause of your symptoms. Together, we discuss successful treatment options that work effectively to correct your disease process and eventually attain long-lasting good health.

Patient education is central to our medical philosophy. Together, we will discuss the following thoroughly.

  • What caused or contributed to your endocrine-related illness or syndrome? How can it progress?
  • What comorbidities could be involved or occur as a result?
  • How is your medical condition integrated with your environment and your metabolic hormones?
  • Together, how do we accomplish meaningful and positive health outcomes?
  • Finally, how do you stay healthy for life?

I strive for my patient to become his or her own “doctor”.

Gerti Tashko, MD

Our medical approach allows YOU to:

  • Be heard and engaged in your health.
  • Receive comprehensive and detailed medical attention.
  • Receive high quality endocrine care.
  • Identify the root-cause of your concerns.
  • Reverse or prevent disease progression.
  • Achieve enduring positive health results. 
  • Become knowledgeable of your endocrine conditions.
  • Live a healthier and happier life.