Services and Benefits

Your “Big Picture” Endocrinologist

The human body and illnesses are intricate and connected. To help my patients in more profound ways, I became board-certified in the fields of hypertension, lipidology, and obesity medicine — and am proud to be the only endocrinologist in the US to hold this extensive knowledge. 

When appropriate, I go beyond the field of endocrinology and tap into deeper health insights to guide you in understanding complex medical interactions and decisions. We can ultimately focus on preventing or reversing your disease process — so you can be healthier and happier!

Step #1:  Comprehensive Yearly Endocrine and Metabolic Evaluation + Lifestyle Medicine Assessment — I will gather detailed information on your health and lifestyle and do an in-depth review of your wellness goals – all beyond what typical insurance and Medicare covers.

Step #2:  I will create with you a customized plan of care to help you achieve your health goals — with an emphasis on the root cause of illness, prevention, and lifestyle factors.

Ongoing health support: I can be your “go-to” main  doctor – by consolidating your overall care beyond the field of endocrinology, and ultimately serving as your key physician. Throughout the year I will monitor you closely and make necessary clinical adjustments. I will provide follow-up visits to promote and reinforce healthy lifestyle habits. My support includes coaching for Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management, and Sleep Health.

Our practice is kept small by design, so you can enjoy benefits not found in a typical doctor’s office:

  • Plenty of time: Time to be heard, understood, and cared for thoroughly. 
  • Always your own doctor: Dr. Tashko. Every visit. Every call. Every time.
  • Peace of Mind: Sometimes a direct text, email, or phone chat with your doctor is all you need. Prompt prescription renewals and direct follow up on labs, imaging, and test results.
  • Consideration: Same- or next-day virtual or office visits. On time, unhurried and relaxed. 
  • Convenience: Reach me easily and directly — no call centers.
  • Advocacy: Help with navigating your care in a complex healthcare system.
  • Savings: Save by avoiding unnecessary urgent care visits, hospital admission, and medications.

Your membership supports the above benefits — your insurance premium does not.